Photocopy Canon Digital Image Processing

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The Photocopy Canon digital image processing and image memory are controlled by the main controller PCB. The following is a block diagram of digital image processing :

2.2 Input Image Processing
The image data from the reader unit is processed for the following:
2.2.1 Image Data from the Reader Unit
The image signals from the reader unit are 8-bit, 256-gradation intensity image signals which have been subjected to shading correction. The signals arrive from two signal lines (for even- and odd-numbered pixels).
2.2.2 Enlargement/Reduction (main scanning direction)
An image is enlarged or reduced by processing image data when writing it into or reading it from image memory.
2.2.3 Edge Emphasis
For each mode (text, text/photo, print photo, film photo), edge emphasis is executed so as to increase sharpness while suppressing moire.
2.2.4 Editing
The machine provides various editing functions: negative/positive reversal, mirror, fold.
2.2.5 Density Conversion (LUT)
In this block, the intensity image signals are converted into density image signals, and processing is executed so as to enable the best output density curve for a specific mode in question.
a. LOG Conversion
Using a LOG conversion table, intensity image signals based on reflected light are converted into density image signals based on density data.
b. Density Adjustment (F-value conversion)
The F-value table most suited to the setting of the Density key in the control panel is used to adjust the density; it, however, will not be executed in memory copy mode.
c. Density Correction (g conversion)
The g conversion table best suited to each specific mode (test, text/photo, print photo, film photo) is used to correct density.
2.2.6 Binary Processing (error diffusion method T-BIC)
In the error diffusion method (T-BIC), the texture is controlled to process the data for optimum printing effects; 8-bit image density signals of each mode (text, text/photo, print photo) are converted into 1-bit image density signals (binary).
2.2.7 Binary (dither screen method)
In the dither screen method, the texture is controlled to process the data for optimum printing effects; 8-bit image density signals for film photo mode are converted into 1-bit image density signals (binary).
Although expressed in binary, the resulting signals enable reproduction in 256 gradations (dither screening of 40×40 pixels).
2.3 Image Memory Control
The image data after binary processing is controlled for the following:
2.3.1 Compression/De-Compression, Rotation, and Enlargement/Reduction
The binary data generated as the result of the foregoing processes is subjected to the following: compression/de-compression (for electronic sorting), rotation, resolution conversion.
2.3.2 SDRAM
The image data subjected to image memory control is temporarily stored in SDRAM.
2.3.3 HDD
The HDD functioning as an image server is used to store image data for the Box function.
2.4 Output Image Processing
The output image data to the printer unit is subjected to the following processing:
2.4.1 Smoothing
a. When Generating Read Images In the case of text or test/photo mode, the input image of 600×600 dpi is converted into 1200*×600 dpi by means of smoothing.
In smoothing, image data is compared against a template consisting of several combinations of pattern matrixes for replacement of selected pixels.  In addition, notch processing is also executed at the same time as a pattern unique to read image.
b. When Generating Printer (PDL) Images
     The image data is subjected to the type of smoothing best suited to PDL, in which 600×600 dpi is converted into 2400*×600 dpi.
2.4.2  Binary-Binary Density Conversion (read image output only)

This processing is used as an auxiliary means for adjusting the density of images.

Download Driver Canon iR3300 Windows 7

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Download here drivers for Canon iR3300 for Windows 7 64-bit.
Driver Canon iR3300 for Windows 7 | Driver Fotokopi ir 3300 untuk windows 7
  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Hardware: Canon iR3300
  • Software name: PCL5e/5c Printer Driver
  • Version: 8.70
  • File Size: 29.95Mb (31400385 bytes)
  • Released: 01 Dec 2009
  • Uploaded: 23 Mar 2010
System: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 64-bit

PCL5e/5c Printer Driver for Canon iR3300
Language(s): English
Interface PDL: PCL5e & PCL5c

Fix the lift gear cassette ir3300

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ir3300 lift gear cassette exchange
- Change number of parts that FB3-2856

Cara memperbaiki cassette ir3300 tidak mau narik
click image to view video

ir3300 feeder cassette, lift the gear unit is a way to replace if damaged. If the paper broke teeth, although there are indications of the paper is taken. Change number of parts that FB3-2856. Gear, depending on where the Error Condition is broken, if not, you may receive.
Lift the top of the tooth has been damaged, for example by not going in the first place, but the people out of the bottom will fill the full paper in the cassette and can be copied to a certain extent, even increased.

Photocopying Process Video

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Learn how Photocopying Process using Xerography.
Photocopiers Work Video

<b>Photocopying Process</b>

How to Maintenance a Photocopier Machine

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If you want to maximize the use and extend the life of your photocopier machine and minimize the damage, you should learn tips on maintenance to improve the lifetime of your photocopier machine. It's very important that you have a photocopy machine for maximum performance

1. First of all, you should always remember to wipe the scanner glass using an anti-static cleaner liquid specifically designed for photocopiers. Small debris of dust greatly affects the scan quality. So make it a general rule to clean it regularly before using it.

2. Cleaning the Drum of your photocopier.
This is the part of the copier to which toner and paper attaches. It is attached to a toner cartridge and using high intensity light makes it conductive. Using a Mylar Bar, take a note to carefully clean this part of your photocopier, as this removes excess toner from your machine for better quality output.

3. Cleaning the Fuser of your photocopier.
To clean the fuser of your photocopier, a very light coat of silicon oil on a soft and smooth rug is needed. Wipe of the fuser until completely clean, and dry it using a different cloth.

4. Vacuuming the toner copier.
Most make the mistake of using an ordinary vacuum in cleaning the paper and toner areas than using the designated toner vacuum for photocopiers. If you use the ordinary vacuum, you may do more harm to yourself as the static charge from the toner can build up in the vacuum, giving you an electric shock.
Regularly cleaning the toner copier will ensure the flow of ink is consistent and continuous, for better printing quality.

5. Now that you know all the steps for cleaning the photocopier, always remember to keep a list of materials that you will be using before you start cleaning:
Anti-static cleaner
Mylar Bar
Silicon oil
Toner vacuum

Lastly, make sure to check and be familiarized with the content of your instruction manual for your photocopier. The parts and maintenance for your photocopier might also be written there depending on the brand of your office photocopier.

If you are unsure about the parts of your photocopier and should you wish to understand them in detail, including its maintenance on a more specific approach, do not hesitate to call your service provider for questions. If there are other technical problems beyond your reach, your service provider is more trained and experienced in handling technicalities that you might not know of.
Being well-informed of how to properly maintain and clean your photocopier is crucial from the very first time you purchase it. In this way, you can ensure maximum performance and increase the lifespan of your office photocopier.

Learn more about choosing the right photocopier machine. Stop by Summer Garside’s site where you can find out all about photocopiers and what photocopier brand is the suitable one for you.

Merubah Scanner dan Printer Menjadi Mesin Fotokopi

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Photocopier Pro 4.02 | Merubah Scanner dan Printer Menjadi Mesin Fotokopi

Bagi anda yang ingin membuka Usaha Copy Center atau Copy Service atau lebih dikenal dengan Toko Fotokopi tapi terbentur dengan Harga Mesin Photocopy yang lumayan mahal? Maka saya merekomendasikan aplikasi Photocopier Pro 4.02 Full Serial ini.

Dengan aplikasi ini anda bisa Merubah Scanner dan Printer Menjadi Mesin Fotokopi layaknya sebuah Mesin Foto Copy. Aplikasi ini sangat rekomendasikan buat yang ingin buka usaha tapi modal kecil, terutama yang ingin mencoba bisnis photo copy.

Aplikasi ini saya coba di printer Canon MP258 multifungsi karena ada printer dan scanner, dan hasilnya berjalan dengan baik. Ketika saya klik copy di menu software Photocopier Pro 4.02, maka langsung saja scanner berjalan kemudian setelah selesai akan ada tmbol print. Lah, terus bedanya apa dengan tool bawaan scanner nya?? Pokoknya lebih praktis dengan tool bawaan scanner anda. Di coba, dan rasakan bedanya,, ehhehe.
Rincian program:
  • Membuat salinan hanya dengan menekan tombol Copy pada scanner Anda.
  • Mendapatkan preview dari gambar yang dipindai sebelum mulai mencetak. Memanipulasi (invert, mirror) gambar yang dipindai dari jendela pratinjau.
  • Memiliki kontrol yang lebih besar resolusi pindai.
  • Hapus bagian berlebihan dari gambar yang dipindai dengan Auto dan fungsi tanaman Manual.
  • Pilih perangkat pencitraan untuk digunakan. Nyaman ketika Anda memiliki kedua scanner dan kamera digital yang terpasang pada sistem anda.
  • Tentukan yang harus menggunakan fotokopi printer, tentukan printer terpisah untuk hitam dan putih, skala abu-abu dan salinan warna.
  • Instruksikan fotokopi untuk jeda sebelum mulai mencetak. Nyaman ketika Anda memiliki scanner dan printer terpasang pada sistem Anda melalui kotak saklar.
  • Menyimpan gambar hasil pindai dalam berbagai format grafis (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF dll) dari jendela preview fotokopi itu.

  • A Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 system.
  • A scanner that complies with the Twain standard (most scanners do).
  • A printer installed in Windows.

Source :
Password :
Download Photocopier Pro 4.02 Full Serial

Download Canon NP6030 | NP6230 | NP6035 | 6028 free service manual

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Download free service manuals Canon NP6030, NP6230, NP6035, 6028
This Service Manuals is accompanied by the Service Handbook, which contains information on how to maintain and inspect the Canon NP6050 through adjustment and troubleshooting work.

Information found in this manual may be updated from time to time for product improvement, and major updates are communicated in the form of Service Information bulletins. All service persons are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the contents of this Service Manual, the Service Handbook, and Service Information bulletins and be ready to respond to the needs of the user promptly.

Table of contents Canon NP6030 Service Manual

  • Specifications
  • Names of Parts
  • Operation
  • Warnings and Corrections
  • Routine Work by the User
  • Image Formation
  • Auxiliary Process
  • Fundamentals of Operation
  • Exposure System
  • Image Formation System
  • Pick-up / Feeding System
  • Fans
  • Power Supply
  • Comoputer Form Feeder
  • Service Mode
  • Externals
  • Drive System
  • Pick-up/Feeding System
  • Exposure System
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Standards and Adjustments
  • Externals
  • Drive System
  • Charging System
  • Developing System
  • Fixing System
  • Electrical
  • Selecting the Site
  • Relocating the Copier
  • ets..

password  :

Cara Setting atau Check IP Address Canon imageRunner

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Error Code iR3300 iR2800 iR2200

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E001 Overheating detection error

E002 Heater temperature error (fails to reach specific level; inadequate increase)

E003 Heater temperature error (abnormal drop; low-temperature detection)

E007 Fixing film rotation error

E010 Main motor rotation error

E014 Fixing motor rotation error

E019 Waste toner case full, sensor error

E032 DA unit communication error

E051 Horizontal registration HP detention error

E064 Power supply voltage error (high-voltage error)

E100 Laser BD error

E110 Polygon motor rotation error

E202 No. 1 mirror base HP detecting error

E204 ADF image leading edge signal detection fault (absent)

E220 Lamp ON error

E225 Standard white plate/edge white plate read error

E240 Mcon-Dcon communication error

E243 Mcon-control panel communication error

E248 Backup (EEPROM) error

E261 Zero-cross signal error

E302 Shading error

E315 Image data processing error

E601 Image transfer error

E602 Hard disk error

E604 Image memory fault

E605 Image memory battery fault

E606 HDD error

E674 Fax board error

E677 PDL board mounting error

E710 IPC initialization error (Rcon)

E711 IPC register error (ctrl)

E712 Communication error (with ADF)

E713 Communication error (with sorter finisher)

E716 Communication error (with pedestal)

E717 Communication error (with ASSIST)

E719 Card reader, coin vendor communication error

E732 Reader communication error

E733 Printer communication error

E737 SDRAM error

E740 Ethernet board error

E741 PCI bus error

E742 RIP1 board error

E743 Mcon-Rcon communication error (Rcon detection)

E803 MPWS power supply voltage error (low voltage error)

E805 Fan rotation error

E901 Pedestal main motor rotation error [ADF]
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